Creative and Innovative: we empower creativity and beauty. We empower you to envision your style and design. If you have an event, gala or photoshoot we here to help you with a special design and offer you our bespoke service.
Inclusivity: we offer a made-to-measure service for all shapes and sizes, at no additional cost.
Sustainable and Eco-friendly: we produce our garments per order requests only. We utilize leftover fabrics to create small goods as well as utilizing recycling with Fabscrap.
Smart and Slow: we create timeless, reasonless and versatile items that you love and keep. Since they are handmade from scratch it takes time to make them but they are worth waiting for. It takes on average 4- 6 weeks to deliver our creation to your door from the time you place an order.


To create timeless and versatile pieces for the woman of action at her beautiful size.


To create an affordable luxury segment of clothing with premium quality and custom approach. We want to make it smart, slow and sustainable. To reduce overproduction and overconsumption to make our planet a better place.


I moved to New York City in 2005 from Tatarstan. I studied and worked in engineering, science, education and medicine. When you live in a megapolis like New York you are always on the go. At any moment, you have to be ready for business meetings, happy hours, to go out with your friends, go on a date, work out during your lunch time or take off for a weekend on Fridays.

To suit this lifestyle, I was looking for a minimalist ready to wear that is comfortable, practical, timeless and chic. After searching and not finding what I was looking for, I designed my first dress and coat from neoprene scuba fabric. This is how The Off Label was born.

The off label is based in New York City.